Pink Therapy

Art by MichelleMariePinkTherapy
Someone once said I needed therapy!
So I decided they were right
I feel so much better now
I’m in PINK Therapy!
PINK on!

Meet me under the Pink tree…follow the Pink clouds 2020

pink tree thinking pink

Meet me under the Pink tree…follow the Pink clouds 2020
It’s been awhile since we’ve meet
Underneath our Pink tree
Time it never passes
For friends like you and me
It seems like only yesterday
We sat up on the hill
Drifting in the Pink thoughts
We never get our fill of creation
Of thankfulness
Of love
and things unspoken
So meet me under the Pink tree…follow the Pink clouds…See ya friend!

Maybe we’ll swing & watch the moon

Maybe we’ll swing &
watch the moon…like this
Dear friend it’s not about
another it’s about you
and this dance called life
Swinging under the moonlight
With You…Realizing you are complete
Lacking nothing…just You!

P.S. and maybe we have friends that come alone and push us so we can go higher! I think it’s just like that.