Mother Earth blooms beautiful, no matter what is going on with us


The Paths of the Spirit

Nature’s beauty does not need a beholder to bloom beautiful. Spring is on the way to offer renewal and hope.

Nature does not need us to exist, but we certainly need Nature. Taking time appreciate how privileged we are to be surrounded by such beauty is time well spent.

We are all a part of each other; people, flowers, trees, rain … let’s take a moment to honor this kinship and infuse this knowledge into our every day life.

Mother Nature is there to offer you her embrace, spend some time with her and she will heal you.

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Because Kindness Matters it just does

Tell Me About It

Because Kindness Matters it just does. I will always choose kindness even when I feel offended, or someones words are hurtful.

Just because you can say something mean doesn’t mean you should.
Just because you can share an opinion that could be taken in the wrong way, don’t mean you ought to. 

Sometimes I grow weary reading thoughts that are unkind.
Nevertheless, I choose to share my art, photos and thoughts here. I focus on the goodness and kindness of others and believe the very best from everyone. Have a blessed day.~ღ~

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