PINK HEAD CLUB July Winner & August Entry

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PINK HEADS Submissions for July


Maggie Mae Enters the Pink HEAD CONTEST for June


Winners of the PINK HEAD Contest for May, 2014. Christi’s PINK HEADS and Baby Girl, Alex!

We have a tie for First Place in the PINK HEAD Contest
The winners are Christi’s PINK HEADS and Michelle Marie’s Baby Girl, Alex.
Congratulations to Christi and her beautiful PINK HEADS and to the lovely Alex, whose Mama entered her.
Your prizes, surprises of course, will be mailed to you sooner or later, unless I forget all about it.
Thank you for entering!

Baby Girl, Alex


Christi’s PINK HEADS

Christis pink heads

Runner-up Goes To The Dogs–Ms. Kita and Maggie Mae

IMAG2182 IMAG2166

Entries accepted 24-7 at!
Winners may re-enter the PINK HEAD contest but need to submit a different picture.

GET your PINK Hair on~PINKspiration! Be a PINK HEAD! Our first member, Alex!



Here’s some PINKspiration for you! GET your PINK hair ON and send us your PICS

Cause we’re PINKn about YOU at thinkingpinkX2





A Pink Head  is someone who chooses to sport a PINK HEAD for a minute, an hour, a day or for a lifetime. The only requirement to be a PINK HEAD or to join the PINK HEAD Club here on thinkingpinkx2 is to have a bunch of pink on your head and send us a picture of your PINK HEAD.

Hair, hats, scarves, your hot pink nightie…Get imaginative and surprise us, but since this is a rated  Sweetx2 web site, please go wild with your clothes on!

We will post all PINK Head pictures we receive (when PINK appropriate) and you are acknowledging that by sending your pictures to

Also, you will be joining the PINK HEAD Club when you send us your picture.

We will email you a membership card, if we ever make one.

If you come up with a real strange or unique item for covering your head, please include a note of explanation.

If we have to guess, it’s gonna get wild around here! Oops! Too late.

We love animals here at thinkingpinkx2, so a note of caution, please don’t dye your pet Pink and put it on your head. We won’t be impressed.


Once a month we will choose our favorite PINK HEAD picture and the winner will receive a prize of little monetary value, such as Pink lollipops or Pink marshmallows.

The Grand Prize winner for 2014 will be chosen from all entries received by December 15. Winner will be announced on New Year’s Eve before the clock strikes midnight, unless Michelle Marie and I are out dancing and doing Karaoke. We haven’t imagined up the Grand Prize yet. It all depends on winning the lottery.

Pictures, showing anyone but yourself, require that you get a signature on our release form (that we haven’t created yet) from the person in your picture. If it is a dog, cat or any other pet, a paw print will suffice. A hoof print, claw print, whatever.

Now don’t be sending me a bunch of silly questions because this is a very serious site.

If you don’t understand the rules see our PINK HEAD Competition list.  (I’ll let you know if we create one.)

Please email all entries to Images inserted into our blog without our approval will be removed. Unless we like the image.

We accept no responsibility for anyone’s injury while they are attempting to Pink their head. We accept no responsibility for injuries incurred while trying to PINK HEAD another person, including but not limited too, your mom, your cat, your dog or your kids.

We are also not responsible if you over dose on Pink and end up with Pink Traumatic Stress Disorder and in fact, we are stating here and now, we do not believe that anyone can overdose on PINK!!!!

Presidents of the PINK HEAD Club

Not just members, we PINK HEAD too.
Jeanne Marie and Michelle Marie

Have a Pink day!