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Happy Valentine’s Day Jordyn~Thank you for sharing your sweet poems with us


Thank you precious Jordyn [sweet Laurie’s girl]  for blessing thinkingpinkx2 with your lovely poetry. Thank you to Trini @grannysgarden for posting them and providing a wonderful playground for our thoughts, feelings and hearts. We love to take our hearts out to play! Have a Happy Valentine’s Day sweet friends!

Magical Poems

thinkingpink loves Trini little girl playground…we love to play in the pink…sweet Laurie from her precious 6 year old daughter Jordyn wrote these beautiful poems shared by Trini/Granny Garden. pink loves this so much it’s pinktastic, pinkabulous, all the pink words I cannot think of now! ❤

Tales from the Fairies

The Unicorn


I had them and now I don’t.
I don’t even know
how to live alone.
Staying here, hoping someone
will find me
But all I know
is to stay calm.
Growing up alone, growing old
Never thought I would
see them again
But adding hope
I found them.
So on this day forward
I learned a lesson.
Just stay put,
stay calm
and add hope.

Written by Jordyn, 6 years old

The Angel


A simple prayer
to lift her wings
and fly…
She’ll play
with the birds
and sleep
on the clouds.
Sometimes she’ll even
have so much fun
that she’ll forget
all about her sad moments.

Written by Jordyn, 6 years old

If you are a child under 15 or have children or grandchildren under 15 who love to write or/and draw I would love to publish those poems or/and drawings here. Please submit the work to…

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Happy ~💗~Day sweet Bling


BB could not help herself and got me another 💗cup! Bling sent me these awesome happy 💗 napkins and plates and sitting here at my desk I am smiling just thinking how much I love them! I love you Bling! Thank you for making me smile! 💗💗💗

I posted it on both blogs because I ❤ it so much! Happy 💗 Day!