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Tell Me About It MichelleMarie


Maybe we say something we ought to ask ourselves…

Is it uplifting…positive…kind?

Do you know what that person has been through?

Have we walked a mile in their shoes?

If the words you say today were the last words you said

Would you want them to be your legacy?

Please let me always be found in LOVE ❤

Art and text by MichelleMarie

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What if I see magic?

Tell Me About It MichelleMarie

whatifiseemagicWhat if I see magic? 

Well then wait for the other magical ones to show up…and then you will know deep inside your heart that real change and healing has taken place. 

But what if no one believes me?

Child it doesn’t matter who believes. You know inside your heart when things are set right and you are whole. No one can take that from you. They will come to you for the magic, but remember real magic isn’t something someone can take or fake. It is given freely when love meets another heart like it’s own. Never forget this child.

Oh yes thank you for reminding me about this part!

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For My Heart

Such a wonderful Pink thought, soothing our own heart…

Tell Me About It MichelleMarie

For My Heart
when it misses you
I remind my heart
It is worthy of Kindness
And Blessings
No matter how it feels
Or what my mind tries to say
I made this for my heart
when it misses you~MichelleMarie

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