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More roses from Bling’s [aka Gigi’s] blog! I love this clumpy look! Stunning light! ❤

Rethinking Life

Chicago Botanic Garden

Some roses grow…one to a stem…others grow in clumps.  I like this group because they are so close together and represent different stages of growth.

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Bridge to…all of my tomorrows…new beginnings

NewBeginnings copy

Bridge to…
all of my tomorrows
new beginnings
peace in my soul
You & Me

This is the bridge close to JM.  Yay for covered bridges. I love the idea that she is closer to Pink Brenda and all our Pink friends in the New England states!



Yay We ❤ Covered Bridges

Zinnia Days

Lovely smile from Brenda! We love our pink friends! ❤

Friendly Fairy Tales

Red Zinnia

Bugs may nibble,
and the rain drizzle,
but my color flares
for you.

Heat may wilt,
or age bring a droop,
but my petals widen
for you.

Your smile holds the sun;
your scent perfumes the air.
Always I dream
of you.

Copyright 2015 Brenda Davis Harsham

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Covered Bridge

Look Pink Brenda is in the same neck of the woods as JM! I love this so much! We always enjoy your sweet words Pink Brenda!

Friendly Fairy Tales


River rambles and curves,
shallow then deep,
rocky or smooth,
changeable as the weather.
Under the bridge are dark places,
deep pools with hidden depths.
The biggest fish hide there.
Aquatic plants sway
in the current, roots unseen.
The burbling water
covers whispers made, but
sounds echo above,
in the dim covered bridge,
where magic dwells.
Gossamer webs hold fast
lingering traces of lovers past.
Children, clapping hands
and believing in fairies,
once danced here.
Their shadows remain
sweetening the breezes.

Copyright 2015 Brenda Davis Harsham

Red Covered BridgeNote: These photographs were taken in New Hampshire in the White Mountains.

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