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Meanwhile I’ll be swinging here

Tell Me About It

meanwhileArt by MichelleMarie

Meanwhile I’ll be swingin’ on this beautiful rose in my mind…because I can! 

Art by MichelleMarie

Never any doubt I’m swinging on a Wing and a Prayer…don’t doubt just swing!

Art by MichelleMarieArt by MichelleMarie

Tell Me About It

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Momma’s Amazing Pink Love



Momma’s Amazing Pink Love
Like a beacon in the night
shines the way in your darkness
till you’re home safe and tight
She holds you in her arms
sometimes without embrace
But I’ve seen the love unspoken
Right there upon her face
Baby girl I know you’re running
No matter where you go
You can’t out run your
Momma’s Amazing PINK Love
stay safe, you are loved
come home

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