meet me under the PINK tree

Art by MichelleMarie
underthepinktreeThere are days like today
I can be found
under the pink tree…
My mind a flurry
with thoughts and
things so loud
I seek solace here
to lick my wounds
when answers can’t be found
I’m not sad, or down trodden
just needing to rest my mind
I do this every so often
when life has been unkind…
under the pink tree…
things look pink
some say I see through
rose colored glasses
I’m ok with that
cause today everything
looks pink
under the pink tree…

that’s a good thing to me!

28 thoughts on “meet me under the PINK tree

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  2. I am SO ready to pack my clipboard and pen, reference books, a chair and cooler–and run away to that there pink tree…”and I’m Never Coming Back!!”

  3. And pink lemonade served with tiny pink, cream cheese, sandwiches, cut into triangles and strawberry ice cream or strawberry malts and pink bubble gum and pink balloons and pink cotton candy and pink gumdrops. For starters

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