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November Rose

thinkingpink loves November rose from sweet Pink Brenda!

Friendly Fairy Tales

Pale Pink November Rose

pink November rose,
sweet-smelling fragrance rises
perfumes dreams of spring

Copyright 2014 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: The snow has arrived, and we are eating chocolate-chip oat cookies and apple crisp. We taught the boys to play hearts, and having fun. I hope you are, too. Blessings to all!

Note 2: Unbelievably, I wrote this post yesterday, and I ran out of time to post it before other duties called. Then Michelle Marie wrote her post for me, that I reblogged today, and it’s as if she knew!! She is psychic!

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➳♥ Pink Dreams to You ➳♥

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Meet me for tea and we will be happy like two girls


Meet me for tea and we will be like two girls
in the sunshine all the day
as we lift our pinkies
and smile
and laugh
and giggle
because we