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Quiet whispers


Quiet whispers touched my mind
Where once memories evade
Now sweetly entertain
The songs, remember voices
Singing sweetly no refrain
Quiet whispers of you
Always make me smile


So…How was your day?


Today I got a new kitty and her name is Just Fluff. My Momma said I can’t name her Just Fluff. Why not I said because when I look at her I think Just Fluff & Stuff so maybe I should call her Miss Just Fluff & Stuff! Oh yes I like that very much! Well Miss Just Fluff & Stuff she likes the little fluff thingy on my slippers!  She got her head stuck in my slipper and we chased her all over the house. My Pa…well he just read the newspaper like he always does. I was thinking wonder if Pa noticed my new dress. Probably so cause Momma said he wanted me to have the prettiest dress. Me & Miss Just Fluff & Stuff like to watch Pa read the paper. We like the way his eyebrows go up and down when he reads. It’s so funny!

Happy Pink B-day to the Pinkies & our Pink friends

Pinkd - 1


HAPPY❤BIRTHDAY❤TO❤THE❤PINKIES both JM and I our birthdays are in August and also Ezra and❤sweet PinkBling GIGI❤! In honor of all our birthdays I wore my PINK❤wig to Ezra birthday party! It went over like PINK❤balloons! Except Ezra doesn’t like pink he a his favorite color is green! I love that too! 

My goal was for all the girlies to get their sassy pants on and wear this PINK❤wig! It was most fun because no everyone is the queen of fun and being silly like me! I know how to play that’s for sure so here’s what happened!

Pinkd - 2

This is Alissa she looked like❤Ariel❤to me! She was being just a little bit shy but before the day was over she was jumping, laughing playing and having a blast! I think it was the PINK❤wig! It’s magical! 

Pinkd - 3

AWE this is Minny! Yes her name is Minny. I love that so much! After she put on this PINK wig it’s like she went a little cookoo and had so much fun! It’s fun to wear this wig it brings out your Sassy Pants Pink Girlfriend! 

pinkd (2 of 5)

I had to show you this LOOK Micki and Minny! I thought you would love this JM! Butterfly ears! My sister got these for me! I want this girl! We could so have a blast I would take her in a heartbeat. You know when you just click with someone? My heart is just all kinds of crazy about her! 

Pinkd - 4

This is Pearl! I love ❤ this woman! There’s a big story here and why this was such a big deal to us all that she showed up! I was so happy to see her! ❤ It made my heart happier if that is possible, because I was already over the moon for my itty bitty Ezra! ❤

Pinkd - 5

This is London! I’ve known this sweet girl all her life! She brought her little brother Tanner to the party, he’s the same age! She loved the PINK❤wig, can you tell! LOL 

Pinkd - 6

The is Grandma Hazel. She’s Ezra’s other Gma. I said Hazel did you wear you sassy pants? She said I don’t know what sassy pants are. Oh yes I think she does! LOOK! It’s hard to be serious with a PINK❤wig on your head! Plus the crown and glasses really are wonderful! 

pinkd (4 of 5)

This is Pearl’s daughter Rachel and her fiancé. I am lovin’ everything about this! 

Pinkd - 7

This is my sister finally after everyone went home she rested enough to wear the Pink wig! She was totally exhausted and processing the entire day! She’ll be doing that for a week! This is a photo of she and I when I was 18 and she was 12. 

pinkd (1 of 5)

Did I mention we had a photo booth with props? Well we did! It was so much fun! 

pinkd (3 of 5)

After all it’s only once a sweet itty bitty boy turns 9! My heart melts 1,000x for this boy! Ezra and I are still having birthday week! This week is my birthday so I’m celebrating early to get it over with! I like a nice quiet birthday! 😛 

pinkd (5 of 5)

My sister being silly with Pearl! ! LOL 






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