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Maybe we’ll swing & watch the moon

Maybe we’ll swing &
watch the moon…like this
Dear friend it’s not about
another it’s about you
and this dance called life
Swinging under the moonlight
With You…Realizing you are complete
Lacking nothing…just You!

P.S. and maybe we have friends that come alone and push us so we can go higher! I think it’s just like that. 


For all the Mama’s…


cupcake award strawberry

I know we don’t do awards but if I could please just give you this cupcake~
oh and the others I made and uploaded for SUCH A TIME AS THIS
baby girls it’s all about our baby girls!
Thank you for considering me and my art for your PINK goodness
I have a few more I made for SUCH A TIME AS THIS~

Diva cupcake award

I think MOMMA’s all need cupcake awards don’t you?

Cherry cupcake award

Ya baby I’m getting happy IN PINK! I love you sweet friend!
OH I have one more!


Is my butt looking big with all these cupcakes????

Thank goodness they are only virtual!
I love you sweet Jeanne Marie PINKY#1

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Sweet friend while you’re silent



Sweet friend while you are sad I won’t offer platitudes or
empty words like people say when they don’t know what to say!
I offer you silence in respect of your silent sadness! 

I offer up prayers for perseverance 
I offer you my ear if you need me to hear
I offer you my shoulder should you need
I offer you my strength, my faith
I gladly share it with you

Cause sweet friend that’s what friends do when
they have no words and try pitifully like now to express it.

Now I shall be silent too!

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