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Butterfly Dreams


She had Butterfly Dreams
or so it seems
life is always whirling
always twirling
floating on the soft Pink
Butterfly Dreams

My Sister’s Windows


Pink is the perfect gift; it’s like giving someone a piece of happy. I first realized the power of pink when I hung hot pink, sheer curtains in the twenty windows of my Florida room. The sun glowing through the pink material bathed the room in an aura of love, peace and hope. The walls blushed with tranquility and as I sat there, I was bathed in sweet pink memories from before I was born. Really.
When I moved, four years ago, I didn’t get rid of the curtains. I just packed them away. When my sister told me she’d like some pink curtains, I mailed her a box of pinks.
She called me after she hung the curtains, amazed at how they transformed the entire mood of her living room. I will be hanging pink curtains again, but for now, I like seeing the pink curtains hanging in my sister’s windows because they offset the three feet of snow outside and I am so glad I shared the pink.


Let me be bored


You know the kind of bored when you look like this
and read your book up-side-down!
I am never bored, but if I was let it be like this!

Sweet friend while you’re silent


Sweet friend while you are sad I won’t offer platitudes or
empty words like people say when they don’t know what to say!
I offer you silence in respect of your silent sadness! 

I offer up prayers for perseverance 
I offer you my ear if you need me to hear
I offer you my shoulder should you need
I offer you my strength, my faith
I gladly share it with you

Cause sweet friend that’s what friends do when
they have no words and try pitifully like now to express it.

Now I shall be silent too!

Can’t blame a girl for believing in Pink Trees!



I’ve been saving this for you
For just this day
So I could shower you
with Pink love
and wash the blues away!
Oh sweet friend won’t you join me
Underneath that big Pink Tree
We shall laugh and run and we will dance
Together You and Me.

thinking Pink thoughts of you~Jeanne Marie

Art by MichelleMarie for Jeanne Marie

thinking Pink thoughts of you

Sweet PINK friend I wanted so much to offer something soft PINK for your sweet heart!
I love you!

Relax and let the Pink Angels carry you away~Jeanne Marie

Quote by Jeanne Marie the Quote Machine~MichelleMarie~Illustrator 


Relax and let the Pink Angels carry you away~said Jeanne Marie to me~MichelleMarie
Awesome cheerleader and PINKy friend!

baby girl. . .



baby girl. . .Jodie Lynne & Alexanderia Danielle & baby girl Jeanne Marie & MichelleMarie
you are beautiful in every single way! Oh yes you are sweet girl.
Don’t you ever forget it!