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Whatever hurt that you have in your heart


PINK HEADS Submissions for July


A little ray of sunshine.

The Hurt Healer

you are my sunshineKeep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.’ – Helen Keller

Do you believe that every day brings the possibility for a little ray of sunshine? Or does negativity overshadow your life? Is your glass half-empty and running out fast? Or is it half-full and waiting for a sparkling refill? The choice is yours.

An upbeat attitude can bring brighten up the gloomiest of circumstances. Choosing to think positively can revive you when you feel weary, provide clarity in chaos and keep you encouraged during uncertainty And when you make a conscious decision to refuse to allow the darkness to engulf you, you keep the way clear for your optimistic thoughts to shine.

Admittedly there are some days when tragedy strikes or a huge disappointment has to be dealt with and it is impossible to feel anything but despair. That’s a natural and expected way to…

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Sometimes…A Living Pink note from kyangel17 because Pink is more then a color…It’s a way of life…

Worth Repeating!!!


Sometimes we all think pink. Today I think soft orange, the color for MS, because I have that and it is acting up, but tomorrow maybe I’ll think pink again. Or maybe I’ll think green because the rain is making everything clean and green outside now. Or purple for the iris that is blooming in the front yard. But then again, the pink roses are budding, so maybe I’ll think pink again.


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