Archive | October 2015

So…How was your day?


Today I got a new kitty and her name is Just Fluff. My Momma said I can’t name her Just Fluff. Why not I said because when I look at her I think Just Fluff & Stuff so maybe I should call her Miss Just Fluff & Stuff! Oh yes I like that very much! Well Miss Just Fluff & Stuff she likes the little fluff thingy on my slippers!¬† She got her head stuck in my slipper and we chased her all over the house. My Pa…well he just read the newspaper like he always does. I was thinking wonder if Pa noticed my new dress. Probably so cause Momma said he wanted me to have the prettiest dress. Me & Miss Just Fluff & Stuff like to watch Pa read the paper. We like the way his eyebrows go up and down when he reads. It’s so funny!