Happy Father’s Day, Pa! Love, Michelle Marie



thinkingpinkx2 wants Father’s Day Submissions!


thinkingpinkx2 wants Father’s Day Submissions! MIDNIGHT THURSDAY IS THE DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS
Write about your father for our PINK Father’s Day posts.
Often the bad memories are more dominant than the good memories, so we are asking you to reach into your heart to
find a happy memory about your dad.
Essays or poetry wanted and yes, yes, please send pictures.
You can even just send a picture but please identify all people in the pictures.
Only the submissions sent to our email will be considered.
Deadline for submissions is Midnight, Thursday-June 12.
You can send submissions after the deadline but I might not have time to work them in to the FD post.
All submissions will be read and published, if content fits the theme,
pending approval from thinkingpinkx2 creators, Jeanne Marie and Michelle Marie.

Author retains all copyrights and agrees to present or future publication on thinkingpinkx2, by submitting.