There she goes…day dreaming

There she goes…day dreaming…in pink


One more leaving…One more goodbye

It was winter in her soul
Each beautiful flake
Fell soft upon her unrest

She whispered…I’ve got
One more leaving…
I’ve got…
One more goodbye

Let me sit down beside you
Let me rock-a-bye your soul
Friend I feel heavy
It’s winter I know it’s cold

I hear you whisper
I’ve got
One more leaving…
I’ve got…
One more goodbye

Spring will come soon friend
Let’s rock-a-bye

But can’t you see… I dream of…

Tell Me About It

But can’t you see… I dream of
red butterflies on crimson roses
It’s hard for me to see anything
other than lightness, loveliness
and the softer side of things
I float that way
I dream of things like
Red butterflies on
crimson roses
and maybe if I can’t see it
I create it
I let it out

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Dare to Dream

Source of Inspiration


What would I dare to dream
if I knew I could not fail?
I would not dream of riches
power or fame.
How would I create my world
in a dream of forever?
Adventure? No I’ve had my share.

I’d dream of a world
where no child was hungry
war did not exist
a world where man lived
in harmony with nature
and with each other.

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