Pink Therapy

Art by MichelleMariePinkTherapy
Someone once said I needed therapy!
So I decided they were right
I feel so much better now
I’m in PINK Therapy!
PINK on!


40 thoughts on “Pink Therapy

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    • What a wonderful way to say it. Yes, we needed pink/happy to lay against the blue/sad and we created it. We call it pink therapy! Can’t beat the price or the results! Have a pink XO day, JM

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  5. Lovely my Angel. I’m eagerly awaiting the pink Dogwood trees, pink flowers, pink everything. Pink therapy works well for everyone.

      • If I ever stop believing I might as well give up and just sit down and wait for death. And I don’t quit. And I don’t stop believing! Hugs my Angels

      • AWH! I love that! Never give up! I’ve not been online much! My girl is having a troubles with her health so I’m over here posting for JM! She asked me to come play in the pink so here I am! I’m so happy you are here! I love you! MM ❀

      • Prayers for your girl. I hope she feels better soon. We’re still going thru the agony of the renovation here, and it gets worse each day. It’s a good thing I’m as stubborn as a mule or I would have moved out when it all started, but this is my home and they will not get rid of me in this lifetime. Love to you, JM and your girl, my 3 Angels. Angie

  6. I finally have a break at work to write you a very happy Pink note to you two!
    Hope all your days have special pink moments,
    Hope your nights include pink sunsets and dreamy pink sleeping!
    This site is as sweet as both of you are, like cotton candy! xo πŸ’—πŸ’Ÿ
    🌸πŸ₯🍭🎠🎁 🌼

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