Momma I met a boy…


Momma I met a boy
he’s so cute and sweet
and if you wait till summer
I think you will meet
the boy of my dreams
cause Momma
he makes me feel safe
he laughs at all my jokes
but mostly Momma
he holds me when I cry
he steals kisses
like sugar candy
in the sun
he warms my heart
he’s so much fun
but mostly Momma
he asks baby girl
how do you feel
just like you do
he takes care of me
like you do Momma
Oh Momma
I met a boy

13 thoughts on “Momma I met a boy…

    • OH he is quite a boy Lisa to deal with my girl he has to be strong. As you know she’s a handful! His sweet gentle eyes get me everytime…he genuinely love that silly girl! He’s the boy I prayed for when she was 3. I said to him this and then I said what took you so long and he looked down humbled and smiled then said I was wondering that myself! I’m so glad he’s here! When baby girl did some crazy bat shit stuff my heart broke for him and I said Cody I can’t take this that she hurt you and he said Oh Michelle it’s okay please I can take it I love her so much! YES! Good answer! It made me stop feeling so bad! I pray and hope they stay okay! I pray for strength for him everyday. Love you MM

      • Love is so amazing, isn’t it? I am so happy that you guys are happy. Emma has a boyfriend now. His name is Alex. He’s an Aztec indian. We like him and he treats her very good. I just love, love. πŸ™‚

      • OH yes! I get so excited about it! When she had her first bf I thought he was so cute he was a little bull rider. When they broke up I was heart broken so I told her never introduce me because I fall easy for them. I’m holding myself back from Cody but it’s so hard because you know you just stare at these sweet boys and think oh if you only knew you would run! FAST! LOL I love Aztec Indians they have such beautiful cheekbones! SEE I haven’t even seen him and I’m already swooning over cheekbones! I love love too! I also love all the sweet poems you write about it. I’m not so lucky in that department so I admire those who are! πŸ˜€ ❀

      • You’re a better writer than you think. You have knocked me straight in the heart a few times.

      • AWE I love that! Thank you! I really didn’t start out to do any of this but to share. I decided I have to stay close to those that I know are Okay and leave the rest alone. Thank you for saying that! πŸ˜€ ❀

    • OH gosh it’s hard Rosy I won’t lie! ❀ MM Well sweet too! I love Cody he's the most precious boy ever! Guy/dude/young man. I guess I should quite calling him a boy! ❀ MM

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