8 thoughts on “I know we are surrounded with angels

  1. Of course we are surrounded by angels. You are two of them JM and MM. Love and Peace from Kentucky. Angie

    • The only thing I’m sure of is that love, serenity and warmth from the Universe are mine for the asking. When I stand outside barefoot and raise my arms to the moon or to the sun and allow the peace to flow into to me and I command the negative to flow away…happiness fills my spirit. I do need to recharge and discharge each day.
      I believe in angels because they surround me and make them selves known. Sometimes they work through people. Michelle Marie is one of my favorite angels, delivering encouragement, happiness, love and PINK no matter what she is going through. My daughter-by-choice, Jessica, is another one of my angels, a miracle herself and flowing with love. Sometimes angels come to deliver precious miracles. My daughter in prison received one last week, special delivery. Hugs, Jeanne Marie

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