She Floats Like a Feather in the Wind


She Floats Like a Feather in the Wind


Inspired by thinkingpink’s JM’s flowers and sweet friend Jordyn! She likes to float in the clouds and hang out in flowers like her sweet Momma Laurie!

24 thoughts on “She Floats Like a Feather in the Wind

    • HI precious candle loving friend! OMG I am so full of inspiration this quiet prayer being silent and such is very inspiring! I had this huge thought today that God is making us all a family of artists and such. I was a misfit and I’m thankful for that. I’m so thankful for you I am thanking God for you right now with my silence except I cannot stay silent for long or I will explode so I’m sharing! I splashed some love on your blog! OH yes JM sent me a flower and then I did that heart and the rest was from the songs and inspiration you’ve filled me with~I love you! I do! You are like a little sister. Not little but I sort of feel like that. MMღღ

      • Aw, <3. I think certain things and special friends don't break the silence at all. Remember it is a different kind of silence. ❤ And there are no rules.. If you feel like talking or writing or sharing I say that is ok. Listen to what is behind it. 🙂 I practiced this several times before I could not email my mentor. Then I decided there are no rules to this game. How free is that! No rules or steps or practice.. We can just be free. ❤ I never had a big sister. I love you too. ❤

      • Well this has been such a beautiful quiet day! I got into this work zone and finished I listened to so many beautiful songs today! Then it hit me I was listening to my friend Brother Richard LOL’s song Start a Family and I thought wow that is sort of what we are doing here! Then that would make you my sister. That was such a fun thought! I wanted to say that to you several times that you feel like my little sister! I love your candle profile pic! So peaceful! I’m headed back over to my design site! I had another thought come to my flow process. You realize until I met you I never had a way of conveying this zone! Have you read that poem my Uncle wrote on

      • OH my I think I hit send or something and my comment went away! OH gosh! OH well! so I love that there are no rules to this process. I grew up with so many rules and then Alex had rules for her health so it’s nice that none are here! Yay! It feel free. Like a rule free zone! I love that! ❤ I'm on my way somewhere in my head! OH I meant to tell you I love all your changes on your blog! I also meant to listen to that new song you posted yes that was where I headed! My phone rang and pulled me from my zone! LOL Ok little sis I'm going there noW Unless my phone rings! ღ I love you hugs

      • Haha! It’s all the zone I think! I said that to my friend yesterday. He said how do you set it up so that you feel safe enough to be in that place? I said all of the setting up is part of it. It’s all part of it. I read something once and they said instead of trying to block out things.. just get in tune with it.. like the flow.. So there is no in and out.. It’s all in. What doesn’t fit.. seems to easily release here..I told my friend of course I have to keep track of appointments and all of that.. but I don’t think so much about it.. I just let it flow like everything else. This is the idea of my journal.. to get to this natural flow place.. Our higher selves know how to do this very well. The point is not to be somewhere else but to be right here. 🙂

      • OH yes! I think I told you I was lost for 2 hours today! It was around lunch and I just flowed can’t tell you what I did or anything I forgot to eat lunch which I did later but when my co-workers came back I felt renewed! I love that! When we are playing in the zone we toss and pick up ideas, which inspires more! Like you just thought of the journal. It is easy to let go of things when I am here. It’s true. I was thinking about this later about when we click and flow like that. Unless one has experienced it there is no thinking really but letting the flood take you wherever you land and when you do you feel like you’ve been washed clean or something. Like all the cobwebs are gone. I noticed even when my phone rang it was hard for me to come back from that calm. I never have today! I’m still there. It was like the best day today! Even though I didn’t talk to you much at all I still flowed with you I knew it and I knew you were flowing with me in the same river just a different channel. Your essence was here! OMG HOW COOL IS THAT! Yay
        OH yes I still keep appointments it’s easy to come out of that. I need to touch further and more privately on this subject! I will do that later! Gosh I hope I remember! I think I will! 😀 Hugs to you! This was fun! It’s fun playing in the pink! I love to to this! 😀 ღ

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