Molasses & Magnolias

Molasses & Magnolias
& my trusting steed
peering from up high
Sweet fragrant memory
molasses from the barn
Waiting for you
look up my pet my
Blaze of red, I see white
Like the clouds & a horn
yes a unicorn
you, me…we sneaking molasses
sharing dreams
Molasses & Magnolias
Molasses & Magnolias

author note: when I was young I always wanted a horse but my Pa wouldn’t let me because I am highly allergic….our neighbor Joe knew I loved horses he let me take care of Blaze….she was RED. Just outside the barn, a large magnolia tree, after school I’d sneak molasses from the feed barrel, climbed the tree~Blaze waited for me there under the Pink tree.  I dreamed she was a unicorn and I was a princess….we shared Molasses & Magnolias. 


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