For Pink’s Beautiful Rose…Belinda



13 thoughts on “For Pink’s Beautiful Rose…Belinda

      • Precious lady…I need your new address for mail. Huge hugs and much love. I am sick this evening so I signed on here to pass some of that time. This song is a childhood favorite of mine! I couldn’t believe it when I saw the post, and in fact, it was the first post I saw as soon as I signed on! Everything for a reason, huge hugs.

      • No coincidences around here! We are blessed by the connections between us. I haven’t moved, that all fell apart, but I am fine with that because I placed it in God’s hands from the start. Michelle Marie can text my address to you if you still need it, but it’s the same. Hope your night is blessed with some relief, Love you tons, JM

    • We seem to be connected by pink satin ribbons of caring, sharing and believing! Love you and I am so happy about the love you have discovered with Matthew. I pray for strength and healing for each of you and ask God and all the angels to work out the details so you two can catch your dream…the blessing of eternity with love and light surrounding you. Amen!

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