Weekly Pet Challenge – The Pee in Pink

Pee in Pink! thinkingpink love Pee, the boys and of course Pee’s momma! ❤

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Sydnee Pee in Pink

IMG_9930“I told mommy I needed something to bring out my more feminine qualities…and it accentuates the unique pink spot on my shnooper!”


grrrr...“Mommy cannot leave my head alone, though I am digging the pinkly and sparkly stuff…Does she realize how goofy she looks with my cookie in her mouth??? “


I decided to go less traditional – using a pink Santa hat, instead of red, though red certainly brings out Pee’s honey-colored features.  In case you have not noticed, she was not too happy with me.  With the exception of a turkey hat, I had given Sydnee Pee a break from head wear for the past few months.  However, the weather is getting colder and her big ears need protection and, well, golly gee wiz, she is too darn cute NOT to decorate!

Oh, by the way, no body parts were harmed while…

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