To start the day … “Human Nature”: Santa Claus is coming to town!!

We love Dr. Rex [Horty] always making me aware of all the things I miss while I’m working….I’m on vacation for 11 days so I get to soak up all this love~<3 Yay for Christmas and sweet friends! ❤

It Is What It Is

~~December 21, 2014~~ 

We continue the countdown to Christmas. This is a musical group that I have also enjoyed. Their voices are magical and transport you to different times in our lives …. at least they transport me.



Human Nature is an Australian pop vocal group. They formed in 1989, originally as a doo-wop group called The 4 Trax, while the members were schoolmates in Sydney. After signing with Sony Music and renaming themselves Human Nature, they released their debut album Telling Everybody in 1996, and have charted 17 hits in Australia’s Top 40, and five hits in Australia’s Top 10. Three of their albums have reached multi-platinum certification in Australia, and four have reached platinum, with sales of over 1.6 million records in Australia.

They currently have a residency performing a Motown-themed show on the Las Vegas Strip.


The Christmas Album & Jukebox

In November 2013,

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