About~thinkingpinkX2 and Pink Therapy


Created by Jeanne Marie & Michelle Marie! We put our PINK brains together to share our love for all things PINK and to share the concept of Pink Therapy.

Pink Therapy
Hi, my name is Jeanne Marie. My partner in thinkingpinkx2, Michelle Marie, is the spark that fired up this blog. She is so flipping awesome, creatively and spiritually.
The concept of Pink Therapy zapped me the moment I saw her post, “Meet Me Under The Pink Trees.”
Pink was a love I had always nurtured quietly, thinking it was just for little girls, but something in her Pink Trees released a flood of soothing healing and I have Pinked boldly and proudly since that moment.
I always loved Pink but her Pink trees took my love of Pink to an extremely, intense level. I realized that her shots (posts) of Pink caught my mind and held it still. I relaxed and I smiled. My spirit felt bathed in hope.
Over and over, her Pink posts affected me, so I asked her to co-host a Pink blog with me, pure Pink and pure positive. When she said yes, Pink Therapy from thinkinkingpinkx2@wordpress.com was born.
We want to share Pink Therapy with everyone because everyone deserves the healing and the spiritual bath which Pink delivers. Pink is not just for little girls, it is for anyone who needs a spiritual healing, men, women and children.
Pink trees mean many things to Michelle Marie and I.
They are beautiful beyond description and they represent sweet, pure love, love that doesn’t hurt, a place where there is a peaceful beauty and a safe place where our souls can rest while we are still walking this earth. A place childhood should but doesn’t always offer. Pink offers visions of cotton candy and balloons, safe hugs and innocent kisses.
Pink is our retreat from the daily battles of life without giving up.
We just take a Pink time out, our spirits are soothed and our hope is renewed. Pink makes us feel strong enough to face life again, almost as if we had physically gone on a retreat.
We believe that “Under The Pink Trees” is where our childhood innocence was born and that we go back searching through the clouds of life, looking for Pink so that we can reconnect with our original hopes and dreams. Hopes and dreams that were entwined with our souls before we were even born.
For so many of us, we were born and the world laughed at our hopes and dreams. We were told that we were silly, stupid or worse. In many different ways, the world beats the Pink out of us when we are children, crushes our spirits, ridicules our hopes and squashes our dreams.
Michelle Marie and I are reclaiming our Pink in this blog and we freely offer Pink Therapy to all who care to stop by or want to follow us on our Pink Adventures. If you don’t believe in the power of Pink, that’s okay. We do.

Follow Us. We See Pink.


About~thinkingpinkX2 and Pink Therapy.

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