Ten years later, under the Pink Trees…

Several weeks ago my baby sister, Susanne, got in touch with me after ten years of silence. She said she needed me and I swallowed my pride, got on a plane and walked back into her life. It was the best choice that I have made in a long time, and thinking Pink helped me to make that choice. I spent two weeks with her, playing and laughing. She is now a firm believer in the power of thinking Pink.



9 thoughts on “Ten years later, under the Pink Trees…

  1. Oh wow! What a miracle sweet friend! This made me smile! Two sisters back together after 10 years I know this warmed your heart! I love you and I am with you as you grieve. I will sit with you! I will tarry! I love you! ❤

    • Hey sweet Brenda it’s MM. JM is traveling back home her nephew passed away then same day my daughter’s sister’s husband committed suicide so we’ve been trading off on PINK! She is on her way back home to Boston. Huge hugs to you. I’m so happy for her with her sister. She’ll see this when she logs on but I didn’t want you to think we didn’t get this! (✿ ♥‿♥)

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