Mary had a little lamb…for Halloween

Rethinking Life

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAChicklet Mary decided that she want to be Mary for Halloween.  She asked one of the lambs if she would go in on with her.  The lamb agreed, assuming that SHE would be Mary.  That wasn’t what Mary had in mind, however.  The lamb said that everyone would expect her to be the lamb and it would be a nice twist on things if she turned up as Mary, and Mary was dressed as the lamb.  They discussed it and Mary said that she had spent days, making her dress and hat. She said that had always wanted  to be part of the nursery rhyme but if the lamb wanted to Mary, it was okay with her…she would be the lamb and save the dress for another time.  When faced with Mary’s generosity, the lamb said that it was okay for her to be the lamb, after all, she wouldn’t…

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