Surround Yourself with those who Love

Art by MichelleMarie

Art by MichelleMarie

Surround Yourself with those who Love


8 thoughts on “Surround Yourself with those who Love

  1. What a beautiful post! It is very true. We waste too much time trying to get those who don’t like us to like us when we should spend more time with those who love us and responding to their love.

    • Oh yes I like that thinking for sure! Thank you so much! I could not agree more with you! Thank you for following thinking pink! We love a man that isn’t afraid to show his pink side! (✿ ♥‿♥✿)

  2. If there were more of my gender a little less worried about their outward image, there would be many more enjoying their inward peace. And your post is exceedingly lovely.

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