Friday Fantasy – Dance in Light

This beautiful post from sweet Morgan! Dance in light the once lay muted, reminds me of her beautiful graceful way she shares her grief with us! Pink loves sweet Morgan ❤


Lady of the Lake

Dance in Light that once lay Muted,
Though Heart and Mind and Soul should be Remiss,
To Speak in Memory, Your Nobler Aspect bear,
Upon Your Waking to Bestow a Kiss.

Enchantress of the Living wicked Mire,
Dance in Light Again, so Sweet Enchanted!
To Sing from Musing, Talisman of Dreams,
Born Upon the Morning that is Granted.

Dance in Light, O Living Heart, Unsullied,
Despised and Neglected, though it be,
So by Your Dancing, Breath Renewed to Breathe,
As Living Water Unstirred by Calamity.


Beautiful Artwork found on Fairies, dragons and other mythological creatures on Facebook. Credit Acknowledged to the Original Artist.

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