putting our thinking PINK heads together


Jeanne Marie is here visiting her 3 Great Grandbaby! This chick is PINKtastic. We laughed so hard Alex told me to hold it down. We are having some PINK fun!




13 thoughts on “putting our thinking PINK heads together

    • Thank you PINK friend! 🙂 We must have taken 50 photos and could not figure out where to look! It was pretty funny! 🙂 I posted a few more and of course of the GG baby Violet the prettiest baby! 😀

      • Hehe thank you! That baby is absolutely perfect. What a cute name she has. JM is in love again! Weren’t we a scream? Alex finally had to say MOM you are laughing too loud. I can’t post the funniest one because we look like our arms are missing! Every time I look at it I crack up! :Thank you Brenda! HUGS and Happy MOnday!

  1. And my partner in pink, Michelle Marie, I was floating on pink clouds all day. We got to embarrass the kids because we were so silly and roaring with laughter. Payback😍💜💟💔💗💖❤💙💚💛💜💜

  2. I love it. You 2 are a scream together. I’ll bet your kids get embarrassed when you are in public, like all kids that age seem to do. That’s when it really starts being fun.

    • Yes they really did but they are young adults so that was even worse! The age when they are sure their parents are weird. It was cute though because when they complained, we just laughed harder and louder. Not on purpose, of course!

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