I speak Pink


I speak Pink

You must listen
Pink is soft
Pink is tender
Pink is everything
You must listen

I speak Pink

9 thoughts on “I speak Pink

  1. Reblogged this on Tell me about it and commented:
    I speak Pink~You must listen~Pink is soft~Pink is tender~Pink is everything~You must listen~If you want to talk to me I speak Pink~shhhhh~speak kindly, speak softly, speak lovely things, speak kindness~I’m resting in the Pink~

  2. Sometimes we all think pink. Today I think soft orange, the color for MS, because I have that and it is acting up, but tomorrow maybe I’ll think pink again. Or maybe I’ll think green because the rain is making everything clean and green outside now. Or purple for the iris that is blooming in the front yard. But then again, the pink roses are budding, so maybe I’ll think pink again.

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