My Sister’s Windows


Pink is the perfect gift; it’s like giving someone a piece of happy. I first realized the power of pink when I hung hot pink, sheer curtains in the twenty windows of my Florida room. The sun glowing through the pink material bathed the room in an aura of love, peace and hope. The walls blushed with tranquility and as I sat there, I was bathed in sweet pink memories from before I was born. Really.
When I moved, four years ago, I didn’t get rid of the curtains. I just packed them away. When my sister told me she’d like some pink curtains, I mailed her a box of pinks.
She called me after she hung the curtains, amazed at how they transformed the entire mood of her living room. I will be hanging pink curtains again, but for now, I like seeing the pink curtains hanging in my sister’s windows because they offset the three feet of snow outside and I am so glad I shared the pink.


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