Hi Belinda from your friends @thinkingpinkx2



JM & MM 2
From Jeanne Marie & MichelleMarie we love you and made you this video.
Jeanne Marie surprised me with a visit and we both agreed you needed this video from us oh and these photos so you know how very much we love, love, love you!!!!


28 thoughts on “Hi Belinda from your friends @thinkingpinkx2

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    JeanneMarie and MichelleMarie met up in Tulsa today to share some laughs and photos and make this video for our lovely friend Belinda. We love you so much Belinda and wanted to say HI. HUGS, HUGS and love to you sweet Friend. P.S. remind me next time to spit out my gum!

  2. I am absolutely in tears! Of all the beautiful gifts I have known through this site, friendship is the most incredible. I am so emotional right now. I love you both very much too!!! What a memory you’ve given me. To see you. To hear you. To know you’ve met one another and that you’ve shared time together. And, that in the midst of it all, you thought to do this for me. I am so deeply moved I can’t explain it. I love you both! I knew you’d be beautiful inside and out and I WAS RIGHT. (that happens occasionally; being right I mean) Grin. xoxoox

    • Yay Belinda we are crazy about you girl friend. when I mentioned it JeaneeMarie said Oh let’s do it now. LOL
      She’s the cutest thing ever Belinda. Just as sweet as you think. Also when I saw it was like I knew her for years. She said the same thing. I think when we meet you it will be the same way. Like sisters or something special for sure! Hugs hugs hugs

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    I have received some beautiful gifts in my lifetime; but this, this video with two of my friends meeting one another, and thinking of me while doing so, if I were a little braver I’d do my own video showing you all the beautiful, happy tears you made me cry. I love you both!

  4. Love you two ladies like sisters but even more because we picked each other. Loved meeting you face to face Michelle Marie and Belinda, we will meet you too one fine day. You both bless my life. XO Jeanne Marie

  5. Oh yes I 3rd that! We will make one with Belinda one fine day! That will be so much fun. We’ll have to travel to Canada. I’m never been but maybe one day! I loved it too you are precious JeanneMarie just as sweet as I knew you would be. I have a feeling Belinda is sweet like that as well! 🙂 Hugs. I’m so glad she liked it.

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